She took the time to really listen…

Louise was excellent from the start, she took the time to really listen and get to know me, not just enough time to push a solution but time to really know and understand where I was coming from as well as time to discover my beliefs, desires and fears.

I think it was this initial time “invested” which really paid off later because I really felt that the trust was there and had been built with gentleness and warmth and in a safe environment.

So, right from the start I had confidence and could really open up to Louise and share “my story”, a necessary pre requisite for her to know what I needed and be able to help me.

She then went about offering timely and profoundly pertinent feedback and perspective, reflecting my own words back into my heart and soul more than just back into my head or mind.

Louise truly helped me to integrate and own what belonged to me all along, my internal wisdom. In a very short time (5/6 sessions), Louise facilitated the integration of my own awareness of some essential parts of my personal history that have been following and haunting me regularly over my lifetime, allowing me to take another step forward towards my dreams. Thank you very much Louise, I will call upon you again and will refer others to you.

BC, Oakville, ON