Louise is a coach like no other.  My experience with her has been eye opening and surprisingly easy.

When I first came to Louise, I was at a very low point in my life. I had recently sold my successful business and I wasn't happy. The sale of my business (to my former business partner) felt akin to a divorce. It was emotional and heartbreaking. I had lost my "mojo" and no longer knew who I was. Signing up for 10 sessions with Louise was an essential piece of my road to healing. Louise was able to provide me with an impartial view of my situation and with laser vision guide me into the proper headspace. Most importantly, she helped me to gain a different perspective and clear the space in my life for a wonderful new beginning. It didn't happen overnight but it did happen and I have Louise to thank for this shift.


Louise is very personable and easy to feel comfortable with immediately. I found myself wanting to tell her my inner most secrets within 10 minutes of meeting her. Withing 20 minutes I realised I didn't need to tell her very much - she already understood me. It was such a relief to talk to someone who could understand and not judge and offer real solutions.

Louise was excellent from the start, she took the time to really listen and get to know me, not just enough time to push a solution but time to really know and understand where I was coming from as well as time to discover my beliefs, desires and fears.

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