Training Program

What is Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway®?

Feel the Fear and Do It Anyway is an internationally recognized educational training program. The material challenges traditional fear-based behaviour in the workplace and replaces this with a culture of openness, collaboration, meaning and positivity.

How do I decide if my business needs a Feel the Fear... and Do It Anyway® Corporate Training Program?

Every business needs to expand, grow and secure a future.  Your future is dependent on the personality and people skills of your management teams and your staff to ensure full customer satisfaction.

When your staff is faced with changes, deadlines, targets, training, promotion, redundancy, expansion or even just the everyday expectations to do their job right, they need the right attitude.  Attitude training is the key to ensuring that all staff approaches their work in a positive, pro-active "higher self" way.

To ensure maximum effectiveness and value for money for your business, Louise Veres, Licensed Trainer, will visit you and your management team for preliminary talks to see how Feel the Fear... and Do It Anyway® Corporate Training Programs will work best for your business.

How does the material help to change behaviour in the workplace?

The material encourages a new way of behaving in the workplace. Behaviour will become driven by quality of life, a better sense of work/life balance and contribution to colleagues and society. This will be achieved without loss of productivity.  In the old traditional fear based workplace model, behaviour was driven by greed, self-preservation, status and power. After taking part in the Feel the Fear training, participants will move from being reactive, competitive and divisive to being proactive, connected, and caring about colleagues and the community.

How long are the workshops?

Two hours, half day, one day, two days or longer workshops are available.  Feel the Fear... and Do It Anyway® is about improving the core culture of your business at the grass roots level for the long term. Therefore, on-going workshops and continued support are recommended as part of your package.

Who benefits?

Your whole organization. The programs are designed to help all staff to take responsibility and accountability for their roles and actions.  This allows the mission, goals and vision of your company to be successfully managed and executed throughout your organization.  Staff at all levels begins to work as one team rather than as individuals.

Your customers, clients and potential clients will benefit from improved sales and customer relations.

Everyone benefits personally too.  Learning to maintain a higher-self attitude improves health, personal relationships, self-belief and confidence in all areas of the life of your workforce.

What kind of benefits can I expect?

This will depend on your needs within the organization.  Feel the Fear... and Do It Anyway® is used to change the attitude of your organization and is therefore available for use in all of your departments. Whatever specializations and skills are expected of your staff, they can only produce the results you need from them when they adopt a positive, pro-active, 'higher-self' approach to all aspects of their work.

Examples of some benefits could include:

  • Increased customer satisfaction and return
  • Increased profits and turnover
  • Increased productivity, output and quality of work
  • Increased target and deadline compliance
  • Increased staff attendance and loyalty
  • Increase in staff satisfaction survey responses
  • Improved management and staff communication leading to increased sales and profits
  • Improved change management for all types of changes taking place in your organization
  • Improving staff commitment to your business vision, brand and goals
  • Improving ownership and accountability at all levels of the business

Whatever your needs are, they can be met by Feel the Fear... and Do It Anyway® Corporate Training Programs because the strategies are suitable for all situations in life and work.

Who are the workshops designed for?

Feel the Fear... and Do It Anyway® Corporate Training Programs use strategies which are designed to solve problems, improve working relationships and increase confidence in staff at all levels now and for your future. To ensure success for your business, training is designed to be delivered at the Senior Management level followed by all levels throughout the organization in a sweep formation.  We recommend senior management takes a lead role to ensure ongoing success.

What do the workshops consist of?

Participants receive a copy of the classic Feel the Fear...and Do It Anyway book and a specially designed Training Manual. Participants are taught strategies which they can use on a daily basis to support and increase confidence in themselves.  The book and workbook are then used as on-going tools to help your staff maintain a positive,"higher self" state, throughout your business culture.   We also provide ongoing support to help your organization sustain a higher self business approach.

How many participants in each workshop?

Full and two day workshops are designed for 10-12 participants at any one time. Larger groups can be accommodated for shorter sessions.

How much will it cost?

Because all programs are tailor-made to your needs; so are the costs. However, we want to ensure all organizations can benefit from the program so we will work with your budgets and customize a package that suits your needs and budget.

Where are the training workshops held?

In house or at an external venue of your choice.

Am I guaranteed success?

  • Programs are tailor made to meet your needs in any department.
  • Programs set clear objectives and regular review meetings are held to assess results.
  • Programs are designed to change the culture of your business from the highest levels of management.
  • Programs are about changing core attitudes so that all staff achieves success in all that they do everyday.
  • Programs are about showing your staff how to take responsibility for all their work now and in the future.

To discuss how Feel the Fear...and Do It Anyway® Corporate Training Programs can improve your business, call Louise Veres, at 905-466-1903 or email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it