Understanding human behaviour is both an art and science. There is no exact formula to structure the actions of those around us. What all people have in common is that we react with fear to some circumstances. Courage, strength and resiliency are admired and valued, but the reality is that we all experience fear at some level, which inhibits our growth as leaders and impacts those around us.

Whether you admit it or not, we all experience fear. The sad reality is, no one really understands what to do with it and so the natural tendency is to avoid it or pretend it doesn’t exist. But it does. And, so how does that impact you? As a leader, we cannot lead when we are in fear. And when we are in fear, we do not take action. We stay stuck, helpless, and paralysed.

5 Tips to Help You Lead from a Position of Power instead of Fear:

As an entrepreneur there’s nothing worse than the feeling of confusion. What to do next, how to do it, when, where. It seems that the  questions are endless and the more you long for clarity, the more confused you become!

We’ve all been there and the truth is it’s probably not the last time you’ll visit the state of confusion.  The trick is in knowing what to do to get  past the fog and uncertainty and into the clearing. 

Last week I attended a training event as a guest from a high level coaching company. It was a very informative day with 12 top business  leaders and to my surprise a repetitive comment from all 12 people was that they consistently felt down about their lack of entrepreneurial  knowledge and preparedness.  This message is consistent with my clients as well. This “build and they shall come” attitude leads to high  stress, anxiety, anger and even financial ruin. It squashes dreams and diminishes optimism, leaving a once hopeful business owner feeling fearful and overwhelmed.  Sound familiar?

Are You At The Top of Your Game?

All eyes have been glued to the screens this past week as Canada competes for gold at the 2014 Winter Olympics. It astounds me to see such amazing commitment, determination, and strength from each of the athletes. Even the commercials have been inspiring. I can only imagine the endless training, failures, and pain that each must endure to get to where they are today.

Elite sports are a powerful metaphor for business, and there are some striking parallels. Fierce competition, winning by sometimes the smallest margins, achieving goals and targets, establishing long-term and short-term strategies and tactics, hard work, perseverance, determination, teamwork, dealing with success and recovering from failure and setbacks–those are all key challenges in both worlds. Success in sports and business alike relies on the ability to continually move performance to higher levels.

Athletes serve as great role models not only for entrepreneurs but for us as leaders, whether that be in life, our careers or our business. Here are some common traits that can serve us regardless of the role we play.

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