If you had the ability to create your desired future what would it look like? Would you have the career you love? The partner you always wanted? Success? Optimum health? Or maybe start that business you’ve always dreamed about? When we dream about what could be it’s usually something difficult to obtain or far removed from present circumstances. But what if it wasn’t just a dream; what if we had the ability to make our dreams come true? I think most of us would, wouldn’t you? The fact is, we all have the ability to create our own future and it starts with a dream – a clear vision of what you want your life to be. By thinking different thoughts, you are able to control your actions. In other words, “consciousness can shape your reality”. And, it all begins with a vision, or more specifically, a vision board.

This is my daughter’s last year of high school so of course, the topic of discussion in our house has been on where she is going next year and what she wants to do. It seems like it’s a standard question not only among her peers but also with everyone she comes in contact with. For her, it has become a topic of frustration and fear because she just doesn’t know what she wants to do.

In our many discussions I have found numerous similarities between her feelings and emotions and those of my clients (and myself). When we are not clear about what we want we feel frustrated, overwhelmed, stressed and afraid. How that translates into our behaviour is usually inaction. A place of indecisiveness means that we are reactive to our situation, surroundings and people and we remain stuck with literally no movement in any direction. In fact, research has shown that when we are in this state it is extremely difficult to look at things from a proactive approach until we can clear the clutter and focus on what is really important to us.

This is the question that was posed to me by my coach this past week and to be honest, I had never really thought about it before. In my world, I am always busy doing. To "BE" (or not to be...), is to be lazy, unproductive and unaccomplished. Of course, every now and then I am lazy but to be unproductive and unaccomplished is absolutely painful for me. Yet, my task was to journal about what it means to be still. Of course, I didn't complete this task until the last minute as I was too busy (LOL), but when I did manage to sit down for a few minutes to ponder this question, here's the list of words that came up for me.
  • Peaceful
  • Reflective
  • Calm
  • Quiet
  • Release
  • Lost
  • Uncomfortable
  • Unfamiliar
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