Yes, it’s true. I am a perfectionist. I admit it. In fact, I can’t remember a time when I didn’t consider myself a perfectionist. And, for the longest time, I always thought this was a good thing.  In job interviews, this was my standard answer when they asked what I considered to be a weakness. I said that I was a perfectionist so they would know that I would always give 100% to the task at hand and not rest until everything was, well – perfect!  Sounds like an admirable quality, don’t you think?

While being a perfectionist has served me in some ways, I have now learned that it also holds me back from achieving what I want.

Here’s an up close look at what being perfect really means.

At the very core of our being is who we are as a leader. Without knowing what’s important to us, what we stand for, and what our purpose is, we cannot expect to lead our lives, our businesses, our careers, or others.  If we truly want to be successful as a leader, we must realize that true transformation must come from the deepest level first to solidify the behavioural changes required for high performance.

This is one of the first paragraphs in my new website – The Centre for Leading and Living (to be launched at the end of this month). It speaks to what I truly believe and what I have strived to achieve throughout my life. Personal development (or leadership development) is at the heart of everything we do and who we are. Regardless of what “leadership” position we hold, we are synonymous with that role, which means what we think and how we behave directly impacts our growth and success.

Great leaders are not made, they're born.

At least, that's what some people think.

But is it really that simple? Does your DNA determine your leadership skills? And if you're not a "natural born leader", can you learn to lead?

Many experts will report that leadership is a combination of both genetic and environmental influences. And while this might be somewhat true, this is only a small part of the picture.

It's like riding a bike. Most people can ride a bicycle, but not everyone can be Olympic winners. It's the same with management and leadership.

I believe that you can coach and develop the skills for successful leadership, regardless of whether you are a leader of your own business, a team, or just yourself.

A great leader needs to have 3 things.

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