A Message from Louise

Change is constant.  I invite you to see how my business has changed by visiting my new website The Centre for Leading and Living.

rocks_green_backThen one day, I found a life coach who helped me make the decision to take action and actualize my full potential. Through our discussions, it became abundantly clear about the type of work, environment and relationships that energize and inspire me. I discovered that connecting and aligning myself with my values, visions and goals I could create the strategies, actions and progressions to achieving them. Through self-awareness and growth I can move from reaction to self-direction, connect with my internal values and purpose and deliberately create my life from the inside out.

People don’t change their lives because of what they know; they change their lives because of what they feel.

So, how do you want to show up in life? The fact is that few people will make significant changes in their life without clear direction and support.

Change is a constant. It’s how we approach change and manage change that affects us. As a transition life coach, I focus on holistic wellness, as I truly believe that what’s happening around us is not just on the outside, it’s affecting who we are on the inside. Sometimes change can be stressful and overwhelming and while stress can help us grow it can also prevent us from achieving our full potential.

As your Life Coach, I will help you devise a clear action plan to achieve your goals, provide you with the tools to assist you in dealing with change and a process to address some of the side effects of change such as self-doubt, fear and resistance. The end result will be increased confidence to go after what you truly want and a renewed sense of fulfillment, passion and excitement.

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.
Eleanor Roosevelt.

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